Welcome to my blog. The purpose of the blog is to share some of my insights into the heating industry, which I have gained through over 30 years of experience. My specialism is on woodburning stoves, chimney systems and gas fires, so I will share my opinions on this, but also any other topics which I feel are worthy of a blog!

Much of my experience over the last 25 years has been gained through managing my own company in the industry, Corinium Stoves (www.corinium-stoves.co.uk). I have much experience in both the design and installation of these appliances, which often form the focal point of a home. However, as a Director of the company, I will also offer opinions and insights into the industry as a whole, and also my day-to-day experiences of running my own business.

Let’s start with the basics…. Lighting a perfect woodburning stove or open fire in six easy steps.

1. Place a firelighter in the centre of your grate. If you are using newspaper, roll the paper up into long rolls for the most effective lighting.

2. Arrange your kindling spaciously around the firelighter or newspaper, laying it a criss-cross type pattern.

3. Light the fuel (newspaper / firelighter)

4. Allow the kindling to burn so that the flue is warm. This creates a good draw in the chimney.

5. Once embers begin to form from the kindling, add some larger pieces of dry wood to the fire.

6. Continue to add fuel to the fire as required.

There you have it, the perfect fire! Enjoy!

Well thats all from me for now, will write again soon. Bye!